Friday, September 26, 2014

Modern History: What were these People Thinking?

What a fine piece I was going to write about the seeds of Nazi philosophy!

  • First there were Theosophists such as Madame Blavatsky talking a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo about Aryan races. 
  • Then some theosophist or ariosophist named Guido von List combined tales and theories that combine new age theories with some of Blavatsky's stuff about the origins of German folklore, all this stuff that came from the time of German tribes living in the forests and resisting Roman efforts to colonize their country. 
  • That led to this former Cisterian monk named Lanz von Liebenfels spinning further legends, more folklore, more stuff that had a big impact on the Nazi movement.  
  • Then came the Thule Society. 
  • Then came the DAP. 
  • Then that became the Nazi Party. 
  • Then you had the Third Reich.
What I got from all this reading and printing and research was the conclusion that the Nazi regime got its start from a bunch of delusional people who should have been locked away in mental institutions and given psychiatric drugs to keep them quiet.

And it didn't even end when the Nazis rose to power. Himmler was into all this mystical stuff and so were a whole bunch of other Nazis with power.

They ate it all up! All this mystical legend and volkish folklore was popular with these Nazi monsters simply because it was the only body of gibberish that justified their BS philosophy.

Had they tried to rely on hard real science they would have been forced to conclude that there was no justification for even their very own existence as a movement. The gibberish, the rigamarole was all that they, the Nazis, had to stand on. 

They made the entire German population end up looking like a bunch of screwed up goons and fools.

That leads to my sense of disgust about all this history about this political movement.

Fifty million people who should have been left alone to just live --  had to be sacrificed for absolutely nothing.

Millions of people tortured, murdered, displaced from their homes, cities bombed, countries rising against other countries, lives disrupted, resources wasted worldwide -- and for what?

To deal with a bunch of thugs and gangsters and a criminal regime made out of psychopaths - all this horror was built on a bunch of crazy people who didn't know how to deal with the down side of the real life. And they took it out on innocent people.

After having read all that research of a regime that built itself out of all this - I realize that this material is simply not worth the time I'd put into the research and the writing and the rewriting a history like this.

I had been so enthralled by the histories such as the history of how a total loser in life, like Adolf Hitler, rose to get such power that he was able dictate over millions of people.

What makes such a biography so scary is how many people with hangups are out there who would love to become dictators and go after imagined persecutors and enemies and destroy entire populations of people.

All this actually happened with Hitler and Nazi Germany and he justified all his insanity out of a body of b*ll*h*t cranked out by all these crackpots that staked their reputations and their energies from all the irrational and ridiculous thoughts that occupied their heads.

Now that I gave my edgewise fifty cents worth of mind - I'm challenging you reader.

Yep!! What do you want me to do?  Do you want me to keep putting material into this blog or what?

I put some comment bars down on this blog.  Let me know what you want or else, I'll just move over into self help and try to make some money from out of my writing.

Dear Reader, I'll stay or leave based on what you want to read that comes out of me.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Modern History: Short Article on how Hitler used the Nazi Party Organization plus the Great Depression to Take over Germany

I'm doing research now on the origins of the Nazi Party that made the Third Reich possible from one of the two sides of the equation: the preparation side. 

What Equation am I talking about here? What's up with any equation?

Let me try to explain in a manner that is understandable to you, dear reader.

As I did research on the history of the causes of the Hitler phenomenon, I came to realize something that so many historians either overlooked or just didn't mention, that in my opinion, should have been not just mentioned but featured.

If you were to read self improvement, motivational, or self-help rhetoric, you'd probably come across the axiom that:
                   "Success =  Opportunity + Preparation"

So what! How would this apply to the history of the rise of Hitler in Germany?

Let's see.  Many historians and many history teachers often just discuss the preparation part.

What's that?  Hitler joined the DAP and then changed the name to NSDAP after he had acquired dictatorial powers over the Nazi Party.  How did he pull that off?  He resigned his membership and quit the party unless he were granted dictatorial powers.  Anton Drexler and Karl Harrer who were the original founders and leaders of the DAP gave in because if Hitler quit and left, then the DAP would go back to being one more discussion beer hall club.  They needed Hitler to stay on because no one could give the kinds of speeches that only he could deliver.

But then, the Hitler story if you've read Hitler biographies goes further back and discusses the Thule Society financing and founding the DAP as the political arm of the Thule Society. The discussions about the Thule Society talk about esoteric and volkish and antisemitic rhetoric. Well, I count all this as only one part of the equation of Preparation plus Opportunity equals success.

If what's been discussed above is the preparation part of the equation, then what is the opportunity phase of that equation?

Easy.  If you go back to the Hitler and Nazi Germany history books, you'd find deep and protracted discussions regarding how the Weimar Republic failed to keep Germany in one piece and that when the Great Depression struck, Hitler was quick to take advantage of that to get where he was unable to get before the Great Depression set in worldwide.

So you have all this discussion about nationwide economic conditions in Germany as the major factor that made the rise of Hitler possible.  That's the opportunity phase of the equation.

Now, here's where it all is put together

You have the German nation under the new control of the Weimar Republic which although unable to keep the country in one piece for the long term, things were tolerable for it.  As soon as the Weimar Republic took over the country, there developed political clubs and fringe groups all over. Then we focus on only of these, the one that later became the Nazi Party: DAP created and founded by Anton Drexler and Karl Harrer in 1919 in the same year that the Treaty Versailles was signed.

Then we talk about how Hitler got into the act and the rest is history.  All this is the preparation.  If there had been no organized mass organization such as the Nazi Party under the rule of Adolf Hitler by the time that the Depression struck, there would have been an opportunity but Hitler would have been unable to take advantage of it because it would have caught him unprepared.

You have Adolf Hitler and you have the Nazi Party all set up but not enough people were listening to him or taking him seriously.  There was a party with a body of ideology all set up and dressed up but without the Depression, the Nazi Party was all dressed up with nowhere to go.  It took the Opportunity of the Depression for him to apply his preparation, his Nazi Party and it's organization, to take advantage of that huge opportunity. 

Now let's look at that equation with the blanks filled in and how it applies to the Third Reich's history

Part  A)     Nazi Party nationwide organization and all of its ideology and rhetoric and Hitler as its boss

Part B)     the German country falls into the Great Depression so deeply that there's no way for the Weimar Republic to hold the Country together  

Part C)     Hitler and the Nazi Party take over Germany, destroy the Weimar Republic, and now, the Third Reich is in effect.

That's my version of the complete and understandable picture of the Hitler and Nazi Germany story. 

This blog is not about me. It is about a moral crisis that resulted in global tragedy costing between 50 million and 70 million lives -- and for what? 

Did it happen so that one megalomaniac, psychopathic man could feel important?

Now that it's your move, my reader -- let us see what you   think. I offer you a challenge.

I'm asking you to both comment on these articles and subscribe to this blog if you are interested in the histories of the Third Reich and of the Second World War.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Psychology and History: Why Hitler Attracts Attention Even Now

Interest in Hitler Today

If you were to visit Google Trends – you would find that this site reports its findings in categories. One of those categories is political leaders or politicians. At the top are John F. Kennedy and one or two rows down – is Adolf Hitler. 

If you use a keyword engine for research on some SEO project such as an article with keywords in it, and it was on history or even World War II, you would find Hitler in there and the number of hits will be high.

Trying to Understand This Phenomenon

Let’s face it, freaks always fascinate people and Hitler was a super freak. How can somebody who orders murders around-the-clock, week after week, year after year – not be a freak? How can this man who had this gift to move the masses with oratory, with the power of his voice, use it to hate, used to make people murder other people, to make nations attack other nations – and finally, start a world war that ended up costing millions upon millions of human lives – not be a freak?

Unlikely Figure of Interest

He started a life as a bum, with few social skills, health problems, a dead or nonexistent spirit, and a psychopathic personality. He went off to war in the year 1914, joined the List Infantry Regiment, and took joy in trench warfare.

He bravely volunteered to serve as a runner and took injuries more than once, he went blind in a British mustard gas attack, and counted all of this joy while countless comrades of his, cursed their luck.

After the war ended on November 11, 1918, while thousands of thousands of German veterans went home, he stated in the army to serve as a spy. And serve he did; he worked as a rat, denouncing leftist agitators who then were mowed down under machine gun fire.

Then, he visited the DAP in one of their political meetings, gave a rousing speech, was recruited to join it, took it over, and change its name to NSDAP or Nazi party. In a sense, Hitler was a political gangsterism guru. 

Food For Thought

Now, the big thing, the main question to be asked and to try to answer is this one: how many closet Hitlers are out there in this world – just waiting to get out of the closet to get to do their thing, which would involve acquiring the ability to influence a whole lot of other people do mass murder for them just so they can feel important?

 Yes, even today, weirdos like this Hitler guy are among us. And where do you find them, how do you know that there are countless people with a mentalities of a Hitler? Let me give you a clue.

In his book, The Republic, the ancient Greek philosopher Plato wrote that one of the main characteristics of a tyrant is a criminal character. The tyrant is a criminal by nature. Hitler was the kind of freakish tyrant that he got to be because he was a criminal.

Others Like Him

The same goes with Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Saddam Hussein, and this new leader of Isis, the terrorist organization claimed to be an Islamic state. They are all criminals and gangster leaders. Let me give you an example:

If you were to go to a gang ruled neighborhood in some inner-city, you would find yourself in the most undemocratic of communities. Whatever would happen, here would be done at the whim of the gang leader. Those permitted stay alive in those destined to be murdered would be selected at the whim of that gang leader.

Parallels In Criminal History

During the 1920s, during the Prohibition era, in Chicago, approximately 500 persons were murdered during the 10 year period which gangster wars raged between the organized crime organizations of North Side Gang of Bugs Moran and the South Side Gang under the leadership of Al Capone.

Both Al Capone and Bugs Moran were psychopathic criminals capable ordering murders without the least hesitation.
Meanwhile, in the early 1930s, there raged also an underworld war between two major Mafia families: the Masseria Crime Family versus a breakaway faction of it under the rising power and influence of Salvatore Maranzano.

A number of killings occurred in this Mafia civil war that nearly reached the casualty rate of the Chicago gangster war. All of these gangsters were freaks. How can sane people go about doing murder?

The Character Thing in the Sane Mind – Are We Hypocrites or Just Fascinated by Freaks Because We’re Different from Them?

The answer is sane people do not murder because their characters will not let them do murder. To do murder and order another to do it for you requires that you be a freak. Unfortunately, freaks fascinate sane people. Look at the sales figures or box office tallies resulting from movies such as The Godfather and Scarface.
Moreover, look at the ratings of how many people watched The World Wars on the History Channel.  I’ll bet you that one of the reasons that so many people chose to watch that series was the account of Hitler having been one of the major characters of this series. Had he not been one of them, the star villain, I doubt that the viewership would have been that high.

 In the end, I have to ask myself this question of myself and of other people like me: and I a hypocrite for being fascinated by histories of people like Hitler, Al Capone, and other monsters like these guys – or am I just a normal regular guy who is rocked by curiosity to see with some monster guy will do next.
I don’t know, I don’t think that I am a hypocrite simply because I find myself being totally consumed or enthralled by movies, stories, whatever – that deals with the antics in the monstrosities that these freaks do.
We’ll condemn them, was a horrible things about them, will voice regret that such people get to do these horrible things – but at the same time, with the movie, when some miniseries, when some book comes out detailing the horrible misdeeds of those who served these creatures, we’ll stand in line for hours or spend $30 or $40 on merchandise such as those books – and will spend the night reading them.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Modern History - An Early Red Flag that Hitler Inadvertently Gave off

Readers of this blog, please bear with me, for this is going to be an editorial type of article regarding Adolf Hitler and his lunatic fringe group.

Adolf Hitler, a truly insane and diabolical man, should never have made it anywhere in life. Had he been an American, he could have used his powerful voice as the keynote speaker of many conventions. He could’ve made his life worthwhile that way.
Unfortunately, he came of age in the wrong kind society and the wrong time in history. He came of age in a crazy time when very crazy people with a lot of self-confidence were able to arouse masses of like-minded blinded people. 

 Hitler was one of the worst if not the worst of these kinds of blind leaders. Moreover, he took the wrong path went on to hate and became one of the worst mass murderers in human history. What a pity that gifted people, for Hitler had been gifted with a very powerful and persuasive oratorical aptitude, ended up becoming a curse for humanity rather than a blessing. In the end, he had to be destroyed and the society, that sick system he put together, to be destroyed along with him to rebuild the German nation from scratch.

Having read the history of Nazi movement, I came across a very detailed discussion regarding the DAP which later was renamed the National Socialist German Workers Party. The DAP, or the predecessor of the Nazi party, had been the brainchild of two totally misguided, anti-Semitic, and occultist men. Karl Harrer and Anton Drexler together put together the DAP. Karl Harrer was a German journalist who was also member of the occultist Thule Society, a fringe lunatic occultist Association in Germany founded in January 1918 by and occultist German aristocrat.

At the beginning, the goal society, was about Theosophy and mysticism. Later on, it took on an anti-Semitic turn and used the services of Karl Harrer to recruit Anton Drexler to put together its political counterpart, the DAP. Later on Adolf Hitler, working as a German Army spy, visited one of the meetings of this DAP party and almost dismissed it as a waste of his time.

Eventually, Hitler gave a speech full of hysteria and veteran and fanatical drive. He caught the attention of that party’s leadership. He was drafted into that party; he did not join it. He became Member 555 and would be part of this propaganda arm.

As time passed, Hitler realizing that he was indispensable to this party threatened to quit it unless he was granted dictatorial powers over it. He was granted the powers he wanted and proceeded to kick out the parties original founders. He dismissed the party from the full society that spawned it.

The above paragraph requires much detailed research to give this discussion the body it deserves and that will be done.   For now, I only mentioned this brief superficial narrative to give you, the reader, and a glimpse of what kind of monster Hitler was all along.

Later on, Hitler proved to be the same kind of character that the devil has always been: a user, abuser, and disposer of human beings after they outlive their usefulness to him. The tragedy of Adolf Hitler is one example of countless tragedies in human history. There have been many others before Adolf Hitler and unfortunately there will be other Adolf Hitlers after him.

Whenever there have been disasters such as World War I, economic disasters such as the Great Depression, and epidemics of misfortune plaguing humankind, there have always been vultures such as Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Fidel Castro, the Ayatollah of Iran, and others such as the leaders of this perverse movement of terrorists known as the Islamic state or Isis – waiting in the wings to exploit easy pickings and drench people in brand-new bloodbaths.

Please be careful to whom you choose to lend your ear. Otherwise, the one being drenched in some brand-new bloodbaths could wind up being you, family members of yours, friends of yours, loved ones of yours. Don’t take at face value claims and arguments put forth by people speaking things that you know the heart of hearts are wrong morally.

It is my hope that I may have contributed to your acquisition of wisdom and understanding. The history of the Second World War in Europe was put into this blog of mine as both a chronicle of history about this horrible time and as a warning to people lest they fall victims to psychopaths who know how to argue this honestly and beautifully at the same time.