Sunday, March 6, 2016

How to Help Millennials Learn the Truth About Socialism

How to Help Millennials Learn the Truth About Socialism -- Blogger's Comment: Do you know why Millenials need this kind of help? I'll give you a hint. History. To be more exact, more precise -- I accuse the educational system here and in some other supposedly advanced countries. You know, if I were to go even deeper, whom I would blame personally - and I kid you not, there is someone specific I would blame: John Dewey. But behind John Dewey and the evils he caused, I'll put both index fingers of both hands and point them at the unnamed and unknown people who opened doors for him to get to do that damage. What does all this have to do with World War II? World War II survivors and holocaust survivors who lived the horrors of that super murderous war, who saw their loved ones get flame broiled by Nazi SS troops with flamethrowers strapped to the backside of their uniforms, those who saw their loved ones get hauled off to gas chambers and then after these died, they were plunged into ovens that made ashes out of their remains - every year they die. How about all those people in Eastern Europe and in Germany who were forced to endure the Red Army's advance and face their new masters'revenge? They lived through hell too. I remember a research paper I wrote as a college junior in the Fall term of 1979, and some of that research were horrendous. I read that in some rural areas of Hungary, the Soviet troops raped peasant women in the sight of their loved ones. And the loved ones couldn't help prevent their rapes. Why do you think that was? Their menfolks in their families were physically nailed to the walls of the barns where the rapes took place. Now, if all of this horrendous material was not being taught about the defenders of the so-called Workers Paradise's defenders and liberators, how will they know? If you read material about how the Ukrainians received the Nazi invaders at the beginning, how they welcomed them, and you didn't know the background of what would have provoked such a seemingly illogical response by people being invaded by the most hated army in the world, you would logically think that these Ukrainians had gone crazy. Actually, the Ukrainians were saner than you and me. Let me tell you why. The Ukraine was allowed to become a separate country after the Russian Revolution. Some eight to ten years later, the Soviet Army under Stalin's control re-invaded the Ukraine and literally put the people of that country through sheer hell. Ever heard of that famine? Yeah, Stalin's confiscation of grain for the 5 Year Plan caused an epidemic of starvation among the peasants there. Not only that, he targeted successful Ukrainian peasants known as Kulaks and punished them for having done well, for having done enough harvesting to feed millions of people in the Ukraine and Russia, and in other parts of Europe. Ukraine had once been known as the breadbasket of Europe. Stalin put an end to the breadbasket and what came was nationwide famine, cannibalism, the shipping off of people to Siberian concentration camps called Gulags. And the New York Times published denials of all this written by infamous reporter Walter Duranty who palled around with Stalin. None of this stuff was ever taught to you in history class, was it? No, I don't think so either. It should have been. Why? Let me tell you why? 'Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.' Life of Reason, Reason in Common Sense, Scribner's, 1905, page 284" You don't want to repeat the stuff that happened to these people in your own life, do you? Me neither.